One of the most powerful ways for brands and retailers to share their products with new shoppers is by offering free samples. A tried-and-true method to creating brand loyalists, sampling has proven to boost conversion in-store. In a recent survey conducted by Bazaarvoice, out of 6,000 respondents 60% purchased the product they sampled and 97% purchased at least one additional product from the brand after they sampled the item. Furthermore, 50% said that the sampled product became a new staple in their lives.

The COVID-19 Impact

The pandemic saw a variety of changes across retail that emerged in response to forced guidelines and new shopper behaviors. Consumers quickly acclimated to a touchless ecosystem where shopping experiences like BOPIS, curbside pickup, and contactless delivery were king. Technology served as a major catalyst in the shift as consumer preference swayed towards independent and autonomous experiences as faster, more convenient and safer alternatives for shopping. Up against many limitations, brands and retailers were left to find innovative ways to share their products with shoppers while still responding to an unwavering desire to try free samples.

A Safe Way To Sample Products

Outform’s latest product, PodDrop, is an in-store sampling experience that is fast, convenient and safe. Through the simple scan of a QR code, shoppers can try new product samples in just a few seconds without having to interact with associates in store. PodDrop puts the sampling experience into the hands of shoppers and allows them to digitally connect with brands to purchase online in the future.

As consumer behavior continues to evolve and the distinction between online and in-store channels begins to fade, PodDrop is the digital touchpoint that creates engaging relationships between brands and shoppers, especially during the uncertainty of COVID-19.

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