How we work, shop and play has been completely transformed by our mobile devices and has reset expectations of how we interact with brands and retailers. With 83% of consumers using their mobile devices in-store, the digital handshake showcases how important it is to connect with consumers in an engaging way. The digital handshake is the moment when shoppers voluntarily connect with brands and retailers through digital communication. Around 8 in 10 shoppers use their mobile devices while physically present in a store to compare products through online search, scan QR codes for more information and browse store apps.

Shoppers Need Incentives

In a recent study by Outform over 2,000 people were asked what an enhanced in-store customer experience meant for them. Top responses included receiving personalized discounts and rewards via mobile phone, being able to sample products in-store, and being able to use technology to connect with their favorite brands. For shoppers to opt-in to a brand’s digital ecosystem, they need something in return, with 56% indicating that they are willing to exchange personal information for products and/or discounts.

Sampling Hurdles

Sampling is an amazing way to share products with potential customers, but even if a shopper is willing to give their contact information in exchange for a sample, how can you verify the information is accurate? Many shoppers can input inaccurate information just to get a sample immediately, and without verification brands can miss out on ways to re-engage with shoppers after they have left the store.

Introducing PodDrop

Outform’s latest product, PodDrop allows retailers to create long-term, engaging relationships with their shoppers through an innovative product sampling experience. PodDrop dispensers can be customized to match the look and feel of any brand and updated with seasons or promotions. To receive a sample, a shopper simply scans the QR code on the front of the display, fills in their contact details and is sent a unique code to verify their information – a process that takes seconds. A pod containing the sample is then dispensed for the shopper to try. Once the shopper has left the store, the brand can use the verified information to retarget them through promotional messaging in the future.

By connecting a physical store visit with a digital form of interaction, PodDrop creates discovery opportunities for shoppers while reducing friction between them and the product sample. And because the shopper details are verified immediately in-store, brands can rely on PodDrop to provide them with valuable information that can lead to future sales and brand loyalty.

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